Version 1.0


How do I get an iNsight Account?

Reach out to your Org Owner to be invited to create an account in iNsight.

My verification link to create my account has expired. What should I do?

Reach out to your iNsight Org Owner who will be able to have an activation message resent to you.

How do I reset my iNsight password if I forget it?

At the iNsight login page, click the Forgot Password link under the Password field. An email will be sent from Be sure and check your spam or junk folder if you do not see it at first.

Why didn't I get my password reset email?

The email will be from Be sure and look in your spam or junk email folder. If it is in there, flag as approved so future emails from iNsight route properly to your inbox.

What are the User Roles in iNsight?

iNsight users will have one of the following roles associated with a solicitation:

  • Contracting Officer - Government personnel authorized to buy products and services using taxpayer dollars. They will oversee the entire Solicitation process, create and post Solicitations, Manage invitations of Evaluators and Contractors, etc.
  • Evaluator - Users with technical expertise to evaluate competing proposals and recommend the best one. Evaluators are invited by the Contracting Officer to a particular Solicitation. These users will read proposals and identify strengths and weaknesses of each and document their evaluation in iNsight for formal records.
  • Contractor - Companies that are bidding on Government contracts. These users will submit proposals in accordance with the Solicitation instructions, submit questions to the Contracting Officer on the Solicitation, and submit amendments to their proposals as necessary per the Solicitation process managed by the Contracting Officer.

I accidentally marked my evaluation complete before I was done. May it be re-opened?

To have your evaluation re-opened, reach out to the Contracting Officer managing the Solicitation.  If the Consensus Evaluation has not been initiated for the Factor pertaining to your Individual Evaluation, the Contracting Officer will be able to re-open your evaluation.