As a Contracting Officer, you will be Managing Solicitations in iNsight. To do so, perform the following steps.

  • Creating a Solicitation
  • Loading Solicitation Documents
  • Configuring Solicitation Evaluation Criteria
  • Release Solicitation
  • Modifying Milestones
  • Modify Solicitation Details
  • Moving a Solicitation to a different Workspace
  • Cancelling a Solicitation


Creating a Solicitation

  1. In the Workspace you want to manage the Solicitation, click on the Solicitation icon in the left navigation bar. Then click on the New button in the upper right corner of the Solicitations view. 
  2. Fill in the Solicitation Details form. Items with a read * are required. If you do not see the name of the Ordering Contracting Officer in the drop down list for that field, you will need to first add them to the Workspace. For the Solicitation to be seen by potential contractors, the version needs to be set to Final. 
  3. Fill in the Key Milestones form. The milestones with a red * are default required Milestones. Click on the calendar icon to set the date and time. The default at creation is the current date. Milestone dates may be updated after you create the Solicitation as well. 
  4. To add an additional Key Milestone at Solicitation creation, click on the New Key Milestone button at the bottom of Key Milestones form. Fill in the name and date and select the check mark to save the added milestone. 
  5. For any added milestones that you do NOT want to be seen by the vendors, click on the eye icon on the right side of the milestone row to switch the view to not-viewable by Contractors.

Loading Solicitation Documents

  1. Locate the Solicitation card in the Solicitation view for the appropriate Workspace. Click to open. 
  2. In the Solicitation Summary view, click on the Documents tab. To add a folder, click on the plus + button at the bottom of the screen. To change the name of a folder, click on the folder icon and then click on the current name. Click the check mark to save the new name. To Delete the folder, click the trash can icon next to the name. To upload documents into the desired folder, either drag-and-drop the file into the folder view or click on the browse computer link. NOTE: Upload the documents one at a time.  
  3. Once the document is uploaded, you can elect to move it or delete it by clicking on the three (3) dots and choosing the desired action from the dropdown list. To hide the document from Contractors, click on the eye icon.

Configuring Solicitation Evaluation Criteria

When a new Solicitation is created in iNsight, it needs to be configured regarding evaluation criteria and Evaluator assignments to the evaluation factors. To do so, submit a service request to the service desk with the following information:

  • Solicitation Name, ID, and Workspace
  • Instructions to Offeror
  • Evaluation Criteria (a.k.a. Factors)
  • Evaluator assignments for each Factor - Name and emails.

TIP: If the Evaluator assignments are not known at the time of needing to configure the Solicitation regarding the Evaluation Criteria, simply indicate in the ticket Evaluator assignments will be submitted in a second service request ticket when that information is ready.

Release Solicitation

Once you have uploaded the Solicitation documents and it has been configured by the Platform Administrator, the Solicitation needs to be Released so that it may be viewed by the Contractor. 

  1. Open the Solicitation Summary view. Then click on the three (3) dots in the upper right corner and select Release from the drop down list. 
  2. Confirm you want to Release or Cancel if not ready.

Modifying Milestones

  1. To modify the Milestones, click on the pencil icon on the right side of the Key Milestones panel of the Solicitation Summary view. 
  2. Edit existing Milestone date by clicking on the calendar icon. Add a new milestone by clicking on the New Key Milestone at the bottom of the panel. Change which Milestone is viewable to Contractors by toggling the view action button. Remove a Milestone by clicking the X action button. Save changes when you are done.

Modify Solicitation Details

  1. To update the Solicitation Details such as the COR for the Solicitation, click on the pencil icon of the Solicitation Details panel in the Solicitation Summary view and update any fields int the Solicitation form.

Moving Solicitation to different Workspace

To move the Solicitation to the different workspace, submit a Service Request ticket and select the Modify Existing Solicitation option. List the solicitation and the workspace it should be moved to in the description field.

Cancelling a Solicitation

To cancel a solicitation, submit a Service Request ticket and select the Modify Existing Solicitation option. List the solicitation and that you need it to be cancelled in the description field.