Initiating a Consensus Evaluation on a Factor for a Proposal will end the Individual Evaluation. All Individual Evaluations that are not complete when a Consensus Evaluation is initiated will be moved to a Locked state. The Evaluator will not be able to complete and submit the Individual Evaluation after the Consensus Evaluation is initiated.

Initiate a Consensus Evaluation

Use the steps below to initiate a Consensus Evaluation for a Factor on a Proposal.

1. Login to iNsight.

2. Navigate to Solicitations.

3. Open the Solicitation with the Proposal Factor that is ready to move to Consensus Evaluation.

4. Navigate to the Proposals list and click on the desired Proposal to open it.

5. Click the Evaluations Tab, then the Consensus Evaluation tab on the left. Click on Initiate Consensus.

6. Click in the Due Date field of the Factor and select the date from the pop up calendar.


7. Select the Hour.

8. Select the Minutes, AM or PM, and click OK. If you selected the wrong hour, click Clear to start over.

9. Check the box for each Factor to be initiated and click the Initiate button.


10. Close the Success confirmation message.